AORA Cooperation Areas


The following Trilateral Working Groups have been established and they are working to define the mutual research theme area topics

AORA Ocean Literacy Working Group Ocean Literacy (OL) is a framing and foundational concept of the Galway Statement and as such, is cross-cutting among all Priority Areas of the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance (AORA). An Ocean Literacy Working Group was established and charged with defining a strategic path forward for Transatlantic Ocean Literacy, to be informed by international stakeholders representing ocean science, formal and informal education, government, marine education, business, industry and policy.
AORA Aquaculture Working Group The overarching objective of the AORA Aquaculture Working Group is to facilitate enhanced scientific cooperation, information sharing and collaboration on common sustainable aquaculture questions to increase the overall scientific knowledge and support an ecosystem-approach to the management of aquaculture.
AORA Ecosystem Approach to Ocean Health & Stressors Working Group Recognizing that the Atlantic Ocean is a shared resource and responsibility, this AORA working group seeks to advance our understanding of the Atlantic Ocean and its dynamic systems to improve ocean health
AORA Seabed Mapping Working Group The Atlantic Seabed Mapping International Working Group (ASMIWG) was established by the Trilateral Galway Statement Implementation Committee to identify the steps required to implement a seabed mapping strategy to underpin the objectives of the Galway Statement.