Blog 6 - Probe Deployment

Blog 6 - Probe Deployment

Written by:
Danielle Roche
Undergraduate Student
Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Ocean Mapping Programme

August 2, 2021
Lat 69 o 34’N, Long 11 o 17’ E
12:15 UTC
Winds: North-Northeast at 35 knots
Weather: Storm like conditions


Throughout the transit from Halifax to Norway the Galway team would take expendable sound velocity probes periodically. This was completed on the aft deck of the CCGS Louis S. ST-Laurent where a computer was set up inside in order to record the profile. Once the computer was set up to record, the expendable SVP probe was programmed and was placed into the holder. The cap and holding pin were removed and the expendable probe was brought to the rail. The holder was tipped to allow the expendable probe to drop in to the water after a slight push. Your hands were used to hold the copper wire thread that is attached to the tail of the probe in order to avoid friction with the holder and guide the wire into the water. Once the desired depth is reached you must tear the copper wire and raise the holder so that the copper threading does not continue to spool out. After this is completed the file that has been recorded is saved and the water column information is applied to the multibeam system to help ensure accurate depths. 


Probe Launch

Danielle deploying the XCTD expendable probe off the CCGS Louis S. ST-Laurent.