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11 May 2021

Atlantic Miniboat Regatta; for Relations and Research

Schools from 7 different countries are expected to participate in the Atlantic Miniboat Regatta this November. This is an international educational program that uses miniature GPS monitored sailboats that provide incredible learning opportunities in marine science and intercultural experiences to people of all ages.

The goal is for students around the Atlantic to work closely together to see how many of these 5 foot boats they can get to completely circle the Atlantic. Students will essentially be sending their boats across the Atlantic to each other using the historic sailing routes. History shows us that most boats will make several stops on their way and with the GPS position reports students will be able to coordinate recovery efforts. Boats then would be taken to nearby schools where the learning and international relations come into play. Messages and other items can be added to the watertight compartment and arrangements can be made to re-launch her for another major voyage. Some boats will have scientific sensors and provide an introduction to marine research.

Register by July 2016 for the Regatta and order your boat(s). September through October students have time to complete, decorate, name, and personalize their boats. In late October, schools on both sides of the Atlantic will launch their miniboats simultaneously. Boats launched off North America will take the northern route to Europe while the European miniboats will take the old, historic route to the Caribbean and then on to the U.S. Late February or early March boats are predicted to begin making landfall. Using GPS data and partnering with marine professionals students can practice geography, communication, and outreach while recovering boats. Once safely at a new school the recently landed miniboat can connect the participants, though they may be separated by distance, language, or cultural barriers.

For more information download the pamphlet and the flyer.
Educational Passages is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit and enjoys support from many organizations and institutions around the Atlantic including, NOAA, maritime academies, universities, and numerous professional marine and educational associations. For more information or to join the regatta, email our marine education coordinator at Ariadne [at] educationalpassages [dot] com or see our website