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22 Samh 2017

AtlantOS 3rd General Assembly

The 3rd AtlantOS General Assembly is currently taking place at PLOCAN. Gran Canaria. This meeting brings together project partners and also includes individual work package meetings and several other stakeholder meetings. As part of this event Margaret Rae spoke on the Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation and the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance and her experience with the AORA-CSA as part of a panel discussion on Developments in the Atlantic and adjacent basins / synergies with other projects.


Panelists provided expert background from various projects and initiatives concerned with integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing to discuss the developments in the Atlantic and adjacent basins.

The panel was moderated by Marin Visbeck and included:

  • Margaret Rae - EU project AORAC-SA (Galway Statement supporting action)
  • Murray Roberts - EU project ATLAS
  • Simon Keeble - EU project ODYSSEA
  • Andrea McCurdy - Framework of Ocean Observing 2 (FOO2)
  • Brad deYoung - Atlantic Ocean Observing BluePrint
  • Sabrina Speich - Belem Statement developments

The panel discussion was moderated by Martin Visbeck

The general assembly will continue until the 24th of November. For more information on this event follow AtlantOS on Twitter or visit the official website.