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17 Jan 2022

NADA is launched in the Atlantic

January 11, 2017. 10:45. NADA is launched in the Atlantic between Portugal’s mainland and the Madeira archipelago by the crew of the ship ‘Insular’.


Equipped with a GPS tracking device and completely dependent on winds and currents, this small sailboat was worked on and decorated by students of the Anselmo de Andrade High School who participated in the project "Take Portugal to the World".

This is an educational project coordinated by EMEPC with the partnership of Instituto Superior Técnico (DSOR Lab - Dynamical Systems and Ocean Robotics Lab and Maretec - Marine Environment and Technology Center). In Almada, we had the great support of the Almada Nautical Club.

NADA's release is part of the Educational Passages Atlantic Regatta.

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Learn more about the project "Take Portugal to the World" at…/kit-do-m…/projetos/take-portugal-to-the-world