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24 Jul 2021

Presentations from the New Era of Blue Enlightenment Conference

On the 13th of july 2017 the European Union, Brazil and South Africa signed the Belém Statement, an agreement for research and innovation in the Atlantic Ocean. The statement was signed in Lisbon's historic Belém Tower by Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, Gilberto Kassab, Minister of State for Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications of Brazil and Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology of South Africa, during a High-Level Ministerial and Scientific event.

Download a copy of the New Era of Blue Enlightenment Conference Programme

Below are a number of presentations given at the New Era of Blue Enlightenment conference where the signing took place.


Atlantic Ocean Ecosystems under Pressure

David Johnson - Connectivity across the Atlantic (6.68mb)

Helena Calado - Atlantic Ocean Ecosystems Under Pressure (14.46mb)

Joana Xavier - SponGES - Sponge Grounds Of The North Atlantic: Integrated Approach Towards Their Preservation And Sustainable Exploitation (16.74mb)

Jose Muelbert - Projects for Ecosystems Under Pressure (15.07mb)

Mthutuzeli Gulekana - Atlantic Ocean Ecosystems Under Pressure – South Africa (1.64mb)

Enhancing Ocean Observations in the Atlantic Ocean

Edmo Campos & Isabelle Ansorge - The South Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (22.29mb)

Martin Visbeck - Optimising and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System (17.17mb)

Moacyr Araujo - PIRATA: PredIction and Research moored Array in the Tropical Atlantic (17.33mb)

Ned Dwyer -Filling the Gap in the Arctic Observing System (13.9mb)

Nuno Lourenco - The Atlantic Seabed Mapping International Working Group (12.01mb)

Pedro Monteiro - Southern Ocean – Atlantic in the changing Global Carbon System (4.01mb)

New Marine Value Chains for Atlantic Cooperation

Anna Danielsdottir - CLIMEFISH (14.45mb)

Anna Danielsdottir - MAREFRAME (29.42mb)

Brett Macey - Innovating the use of Ulva (25.56mb)

Carlos Magno - Embrapa and R&D (15.16mb)

Isabelle Arzul - VIVALDI: Embrapa and R&D (10.93mb)

Phillippe Potin - GENIALG: GENetic diversity exploitation for Innovative macroALGal Biorefineries (23.23mb)

Striving Synergies

EuroGOOS-  Striving synergies: an ocean observing perspective (7.41mb)

Gilles Lericolais  - Pole to Pole: The Ocean Link (602kb)

Pablo Abaunza - An enthusiastic view from the Spanish Institute of Oceanography IEO (1.3mb)

Expanding International R&D Cooperation - BMBF Activities in the Southern Atlantic (12.16mb)

The Atlantic Ocean Entrepreneurship

ECOALF (9.68mb)

Abyssal - the Digital Oilfield (8.8mb)

Isidro Laso Ballesteros - Startup Europe: Is the Ocean ready to be disrupted (6.93mb)

The Connected Atlantic Ocean

Alleco - Underwater Information Technology (5.51mb)

Stewart Bernard - Observing the Connected Atlantic Ocean (26.42mb)

Filiz Aslan - MarTERA - ERA-NET Cofund (2.02mb)

Jose Joaquin Brito - Marine infrastructures: Technology and Blue Growth Catalysts (555.41mb - Contains Video)

Segen Estefen - Marine Renewable Energy in Brazil (16.39mb)