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31 Mar 2022

World Aquaculture Society Conference

The World Aquaculture Society’s annual conference in 2016 was an opportunity to advance the work on the roadmap of the Aquaculture Working Group of the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance. The following six thematic sessions of this year’s conference corresponded to priority themes of the roadmap and provided valuable input to the theme:

  • Marine Aquaculture in a Changing Environment
  • IMTA and Integrated Aquaculture
  • Marine Aquaculture and Spatial Planning
  • Managing the Genetic Risk of Escapes from Aquaculture
  • Modelling Coastal Aquaculture for Siting and Management
  • Public Perception / Public Acceptance

The co-chairs of the Trilateral Aquaculture Working Group seized the opportunity and held back-to back meetings on international collaboration, possibilities in mobility and human capacity building and a brainstorming session with invited experts and leaders on research programming, planning and funding.
Gudmundur Stefánsson (MATIS Iceland; H2020 PRIMEFISH project coordinator) presenting the PRIMEFISH Project in the "Influence of activities and media innovation in aquaculture production” & “Building Social Acceptance through innovative communication” session at the World Aquaculture Society Aquaculture 2016 Conference in Las Vegas.