Knowledge Sharing Platform


This work package supports all the AORA Working Groups. This Work Package is led by Neil Holdsworth , ICES. The International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) coordinates and promotes marine research in the North Atlantic, including adjacent seas such as the Baltic Sea and North Sea.

Neil is Head of ICES Data and Information Centre where he is responsible for ensuring the ICES Data Strategy, Data Policy and Business Plan are implemented and reflect the changing needs of the ICES User Community (a community of over 1,600 marine scientists from 20 countries around the North Atlantic). Neil oversees the budget, work plan activities, and training needs for the Data Centre. Neil manages the relationships with key partners in the marine network such as HELCOM, OSPAR, European Commission and EEA. He leads the project participation activities of the Data Centre (EMODNET,SeaDataNet,iMarine, BlueBridge) and builds relationships and activities to complement the data portfolio. Neil also participates in and takes a lead role in International Data standards activities.

Within the AORA-CSA, Neil provides scientific, technical and logistical support to all the AORA Working Groups. In this context, Neil also works with all the Work Packages in the AORA-CSA and in particular with WP4 Ecosystem Approach to Ocean Health & Stressors, WP 5 Ocean Observation, WP7 Aquaculture, WP 8 Ocean Literacy, WP 9 Seabed & Benthic Habitat Mapping as well as WP 10 Shared Access to Marine Research Infrastructures.

Work Package Leader

Neil Holdsworth
Head of Data and Information



Area: Knowledge Sharing Platform
European contribution to the trilateral activity on a cross Atlantic knowledge platform. Updated version of catalogue: 9 October