Ocean Literacy

Ocean Literacy

This work package supports the AORA Ocean Literacy Working Group. The Work Package is led by Ana Noronha, Ciência Viva .

Ana is the Executive Director of Ciência Viva, the Portuguese National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture. This organisation was created in 1996 to promote public awareness, access and engagement on the importance of science and technology at a national level. Ciência Viva has developed activities along three complementary streams i) science education (schools), ii) public awareness of science (citizens) and iii) science centres (national network). The Ocean is a key area of these streams. Ana obtained her PhD in Physics (Non-Linear Dynamics) at Instituto Superior Técnico. With Ciência Viva, Ana coordinates initiatives related to marine education and public awareness and has vast experience of liaison with scientific institutions, companies and official institutions.

Within the AORA-CSA, Ana provides scientific, technical and logistical support to the AORA Working Group on Ocean Literacy. In this context, Ana also works with the AORA-CSA WP on Seabed and Benthic Habitat Mapping, WP on Aquaculture, WP on Ocean Observation and WP 11 Knowledge Sharing Platform.

Work Package Leader

Ana Noronha
Directora Executiva