Shared Access to Research Marine Infrastructures

Shared Access to Marine Research Infrastructures

This work package supports all the AORA Working Groups. The Work Package is led by Aurélien Carbonnière, French National Marine Research Institute (IFREMER). Ifremer’s mission is to improve knowledge about the oceans and their resources, monitor the coastal and marine environment and sustainable development of marine activities. Ifremer designs and deploys observational, experimental and monitoring tools and manages the French Ocean Research Fleet on behalf of the entire French scientific community.

Aurélien Carbonnière is a marine biologist with key interests in relation to the Integrated Coastal Zone Management issues. He has held Science Policy positions as the Ifremer representative in Brussels and also as Policy Officer working with the European Marine Board, a strategic platform for marine science and policy in Europe, in Belgium. As Policy Officer with Ifremer, he monitors and oversees international cooperation with North, Central and South Americas. Aurélien also supervises the policy development of Marine Infrastructures and Marine Renewable Energy components at the European Level. He has been involved in several European projects as FP6 Marine ERA-NETs MarinERA and AmpERA and in the design and management of FP7 Marine and Maritime Research Projects ( JERICO, EMAR2RES, Euromarine).

Within the AORA-CSA, Aurélien provides scientific, technical and logistical support to all the AORA Working Groups. In this context, Aurélien also works with all the Work Packages in the AORA-CSA and in particular with WP 5 Ocean Observation, WP7 Aquaculture, WP 9 Seabed & Benthic Habitat Mapping as well as WP 11 Knowledge Sharing Platform.

This work package prepared a short bibliography on European Marine Research Infrastructures.

Work Package Leader

Direction des Affaires Europeennes et Internationales Portefeuilles géographiques: Amériques du Nord, Centrale et du Sud