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27 Sep 2021

AORA-CSA wins the 1st Atlantic Project International Cooperation Award 2016

The European Commission and the Atlantic Strategy Group grant the  Atlantic Project Awards to honour outstanding success stories, achieved by projects in the geographical area covered by the Atlantic Strategy and that are related to the implementation of the European Union Atlantic Action Plan.

A jury of 6 judges including EC representatives, Atlantic Strategy Group (ASG) representatives, academics, and representatives from business/industry awarded the International Cooperation Award to the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Co-ordination and Support Action (AORA-CSA) based on strategy, innovation, implementation, results and relevance with Atlantic “Blue Growth” key priorities.

This award honours the AORA-CSA as an outstanding success story in the Atlantic geographical area, highlighting the incorporation and scale up of best practices at the international level while promoting the key priorities of the European Union’s Atlantic Strategy and Atlantic Action Plan Priorities as embodied in the Galway Statement and its potential support to the Blue Economy on a transatlantic basis.
The AORA-CSA is an EU Horizon 2020 coordination and support action and is led by the Marine Institute Ireland. This Action seeks to:

  • Support and facilitate the implementation of the Galway Statement and the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance,
  • Improve the international cooperation framework of marine research programmes – creating the basis for the development of future large-scale joint international marine research programmes
  • Establish a long-term knowledge sharing platform for easy access to available information and data holding international research significance for ocean Management.

A hallmark of the AORA-CSA is that it be flexible and responsive to Trilateral (Canada, EU, US) Galway Statement Implementation Committee as the Research Alliance evolves.  The AORA-CSA strives to be inclusive, efficient, innovative, value-adding and overall supportive to the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance as it unfolds.  Apart from the Marine Institute Ireland, our partners in this endeavour include Ciência Viva, DFO Canada, ICES, Ifremer, IMR, NOAA, PLOCAN, RANNÍS, and WOC.

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