All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum Day 1

All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum Day 1

Written by: 

Name: Isa Woulfe

Profession: AORA-CSA/Marine Institute

Our Youth Ambassadors spent the first day of this week preparing for their presentations at The All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum, where they will have the unique opportunity to address 600 science and marine researchers, policy-makers and industry professionals.

The topics covered today were:

> Ocean Advocacy & Activism

> Science for Good on Social Media 

> How to Influence and Be a Change Agent

> Making an Impact on Stage

> Telling Stories that Impact and Influence 

> Engaging with a Variety of Audiences 


 Evolution from Our One Atlantic to All-Atlantic Youth

At the inaugural All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassador Summer School in Galway in 2019, we developed a campaign called Our One Atlantic.

§  Our vision was to capture stories from coast to coast, pole to pole from people who live, work, play and harvest food from it. 

§  Now, as our work has evolved with the support of the European Commission we have grown into the All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Forum.

§  We feel it is a gift to wear these shoes and prepare the path for our peers.

§  We hope you follow our work and our stories on our social networks – follow our hashtag #AllAtlanticYouth.


Social Media for Science

We had a presentation on how to leverage social media for science good - protecting the truth and engaging citizens and stakeholders. We learned that:

§  Social media provides us with platforms to tell stories to inform, educate and engage.

§  It also provides us with an opportunity to reach our audiences – policy-makers and influencers on Twitter, local communities on Facebook, and inspiration seekers on Instagram.

§  We will respect the views of others, but want to protect science and research.

§  We want to have open conversations and build our network.


Galway & Belém Statements the language of the Science Diplomacy

We are guided by the Galway & Belém statements.

§  The Galway and Belém Statements address the challenges put forward in the EU Atlantic Strategy and its associated action plan, and are recognised as major achievements of both the strategy and the action plan.

§  The EU pursued the implementation of activities under the All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance with the 

§  signing of the EU-USA-Canada Galway Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation in 2013 

§  signing of the EU-Brazil-South Africa Belém Statement on Atlantic Ocean Cooperation in 2017

§  There are now over 500 international research teams working together towards a healthy, productive, secure and resilient Atlantic Ocean.


Just a Minute

We were tasked with presenting our individual projects in our own countries in one minute. This was challenging but fun.

§  We are 19 Youth Ambassadors committed to promoting, protecting and preserving the Atlantic Ocean.

§  Our youth alliance supported by the EU Commission allows us to tell our individual stories from coast to coast, pole to pole.

§  We all have a personal and professional connection to the Atlantic Ocean it is this innate passion that binds us together.