All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors Day 2 in Brussels

All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors Day 2 in Brussels

Written by:
Name: Isa Woulfe
Institute: AORA-CSA/Marine Institute


The All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors will deliver a presentation at Friday’s All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum.


With an audience of 600 people at the European Commission’s Charlemagne Building they want to inform, inspire and engage.


From coast to coast, pole to pole, the All-Atlantic family, young and old have a shared vision.


Our Youth Ambassadors shared vision of a prosperous Atlantic built on three foundations:

·         Culture and Celebration: storytelling with myths and legends

·         Getting to Know the Atlantic: making ocean literacy accessible and interesting

·         Human Impact: creating tools to reduce the human impact on the Atlantic by promoting sustainable tourism


Our 19 All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors hail from 23 countries and since being inaugurated as Ambassadors in Galway in August 2019, they have attended 100 events.

 Throughout today the Ambassadors worked on their presentations and practiced by delivering it to their peers and their mentors.



Also taking place in Brussels today, the Atlantic Seabed Mapping International Working Group (ASMIWG) hosted a full-day meeting. The AORA-CSA Partners also held an afternoon session.