All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors Day 3 in Brussels

All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors Day 3 in Brussels

Written by:
Name: Isa Woulfe
Institution: AORA-CSA / Marine Institute


 Day three from Brussels focused on a series of high-level workshops attended by AORA partners.

 The  All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassadors attended these workshops and acted as note-takers.

 This gave the young people an opportunity to learn what the best people in ocean climate action are doing, north and south of the Atlantic.


The AORA Working meetings covered five important areas:

·         Atlantic Seabed Mapping International Working Group (ASMIWG)

·         AORA Ocean Literacy Working group 

·         AORA Marine Microbiome Working Group

·         AORA Aquaculture Working Group

·         AORA Ecosystem Approach to Ocean Health & Stressors (EA2OHS) Working Group

·         Blue Cloud Horizon 2020 Innovation Action

·         All-Atlantic Ocean Funders Meeting


The day ended with a series of 5-minute flash presentations from the 

  • 5 AORA Working Groups
  • 6 AANChOR Platform Groups
  • AtlantOS
  • Blue Cloud Innovation Action
  • AquaVitae
  • TriATLAS
  • iAtlantic