Blog 7 - Arrival in Tromsø

Blog 7 - Arrival in Tromsø

3rd of August 2016
Lat: 69° 40’ 46.03” N, Long: 18° 59’ 47.89” E
Time: 09:00 UTC
Winds: 6 knots from the Northeast

At 01:00 local time, August 3rd the CCGS Louis S. ST-Laurent tied up to Pier 25 in Tromsø, Norway and the 2016 Galway Transit came to an end.

When we entered the fjord, we were immediately surrounded by the dramatic, jagged glacially carved terrain. I counted at least three glaciers during our first 20 minutes moving through the fjord waters. A local pilot boarded the ship to help guide us safely into the port.

 Approaching Tromsø

The science crew spent the last few hours before arrival backing up data, finalizing logs, and finishing up our data processing. Soon the team will split up, some of us will disembark, other will continue with the CCGS Louis S. ST-Laurent on the UNCLOS Arctic Cruise.

Tromso Arrival

From left to right: David Levy, Danielle Roche, Elizabeth Weidner, Darren Hiltz, David Thornhill, Paola Travaglini