11 Jul 2018

Ocean Basin-Scale Research and Management

As part of the ICES Annual Science Conference 2018 there will be a session on Ocean basin-scale research and management. This session will explore the themes emerging as both the marine scientific and management communities embrace assessments of ecosystem connectivity, biogeography, and function at broader geographical scales. Research and policy development at ocean basin scale has been driven by the realization that climatic change and human impacts are rapidly altering marine ecosystems at the same time as governments seek to promote increased economic output from the marine environment. This broad context sets a considerable challenge and opportunity for marine science, industry, management and policy to shape the frameworks through which Blue Growth can be achieved.

This session will bring together key advances relevant to ocean basin-scale research and management. Studies built upon new discoveries from poorly-understood ecosystems (e.g. coral, sponge, vent and chemosynthetic fauna) now highlight opportunities for science to create a new evidence base for management. For example, advances in oceanographic data availability, modelling resolution and understanding of larval biology and dispersal are fostering more partnerships between physicists and biologists to model connectivity. These connectivity analyses can now be ground-truthed by population genetic approaches built on datasets developed from next generation sequencing technologies (e.g. RADseq, RADTag, 2bRAD), opening the window to a new understanding of connectivity.

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