14 Mar 2018

AORA EA2OHS Working Group

The AORA EA2OHS Working Group is currently holding a workshop looking at Mandates on Ecosystem-based Management across CA-EU-USA. This workshop is taking place in London and will run until the 16th of March.

The workshop seeks to identify the major mandates that govern marine activities and the stressors which can impact ocean health and condition. The meeting will identify blocks to the incorporation of science into the management process, largely based on a cross-comparison of jurisdictional applications of mandates. The review will also illustrate potential recommendations to further examine mandates, improve the take up of science into ecosystem-based management, but will not attempt to make specific jurisdictional recommendations.

Overarching Goal: Characterize, compare, and synthesize the mandates that govern marine activities and ocean stressors relative to facilitating EBM in the North Atlantic (national and international waters).

Expected Product/s: Meeting report, peer reviewed paper containing a summary of findings and recommendations for advancing EBM.

Expected Outcome/s: Report back to EA2OHS, AORA and national entities to advance EBM; identification and recognition of synergies and opportunities among national and international jurisdictions; opening dialogues in home jurisdictions to explore mandate status relative to advancing EBM.