My Atlantic Stories

Inspired by the #GoAtlanticBlue campaign, they developed the #MyAtlanticStory campaign that uses blue face-painting to promote the Atlantic Ocean and ask people to share their Atlantic Stories, their connections to the ocean.

Alicia García


"The first time I saw dolphins swimming free was in the Atlantic Ocean and it was one of the most magical moments of my life!"

Anna Egerton


"All of my favourite memories are from the Atlantic Ocean: I've learnt to sail, swam and paddled in the sea; I've seen basking sharks, dolphins, porpoises, puffins and baby seals; I've watched bioluminescent plankton sparkle and stayed up all night watching the sun and the moon set and then the sun rise over the waves. This is #myAtlanticStory."

Annabel Mathiske


"Growing up I knew how to swim before I could walk. I feel most at peace when I am in the water, diving in the Ocean or walking along the sandy beaches."

Elizabeth Tucker


"I grew up here with the Atlantic Ocean in my backyard, and I’ve always been surrounding myself with nature. I developed such an intense appreciation for everything that has been provided naturally on this planet, including the ocean. As I grow older, I become more aware of the harm that we caused to the world that brought us everything we have. It is truly the biggest betrayal we could possibly encounter. The ocean, to me, is a force that must be respected."

Anne-Christin Melcher


"I have always loved to be at the Ocean and it makes me feel happy and calm, but then I see all the trash and dead animals suffocated by plastics and I feel devastated. The Ocean means life and survival to us. We use its resources, but dump our trash in it. It protects us, but we keep exploiting it. We take, but we do not give anything back and that should change in the great picture."

Charles Cadier


"The sound of these furious breaking waves always brings me instant happiness."

Dan Joyce


"To me the Ocean means Freedom and Exploration. As a Freediver the Ocean means freedom to move in all three dimensions, to be able to just for a few minutes visit another world in a place that no other human has gone before."

Antonia Uthoff


Poem written by the US-American author Joan Walsh Anglund and reflecting #myAtlanticStory:

"With every wave
The sea continues
A long green story
That never ends"

Eva Lopes


"Home is where our heart is and mine is in the ocean. I lost my heart at sea. I‘m an oceanholic and I’m proud of it"

Francesca Ridley


"I love seafood. It's such a varied and healthy food group that also supports human communities around the world. The health of the ocean is integral to the quality and availability of this resource."

Marta Konieczna


"Atlantic means passion, love, live. Mother nature is a source of life, not a resource"

Thomas Cansse


"Everytime I go to the Ocean it can look totally different, and never knowing what to expect exactly keeps me inspired to keep on exploring."

Xabier Lopez


"I remember when I was young at the beach, my mom washing the oil off my feet from the ‘Prestige’ at the Galician coast in Spain. I just wish to never see this situation again."

Sinegugu Mbense


"Growing up in a rural inland village in South Africa, at the beginning of the year my family would embark on a spiritual journey to the ocean. To us the ocean was a place of cleansing (“ukugeza amabhadi” in our native language), reconnecting with our ancestors and tapping into the power of the Zulu goddess mermaid ("Inkosazana") through drinking the water."

Sara De Clerck


"Whenever I see and feel the Atlantic Ocean it feels like coming home."