What We Do

Our shared vision is an Atlantic that is healthy, resilient, safe, productive, understood and treasured so as to promote the well-being, prosperity and security of present and future generations.

Together, we in Canada, the European Union and the United States of America, are building a community across and along the Atlantic Ocean focusing on these five key areas.

An Atlantic Ocean Map

Under AORA, surveying has begun to discover and map the entire Atlantic. Using the latest technology, we are making ground-breaking discoveries, including previously uncharted undersea volcanoes and mountains.

Atlantic seabed mapping campaigns are fundamentally increasing our knowledge of underwater terrain and habitats, why ocean currents move the way they do, and why species migrate to certain places and not others.

Oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth’s surface.
Ocean Observation
We know that change is here. Climate change, ocean acidification, sea level rise, flooding and extreme weather are affecting all countries and all communities.

We want to properly measure these changes and how they will affect us. Our coordinated efforts are helping to create a blueprint for the next generation of ocean observation.

Analysing big ocean data will help us to understand, predict, protect and build a sustainable blue economy.

12 humans have been to the moon, but only 3 have seen the deep ocean.
(UNESCO/IOC, 2018)
Food from the Ocean

Most life on Earth is in the ocean and human activity is its greatest threat. Marine research provides the knowledge and tools to build a sustainable blue economy and a healthy ocean for generations to come.

The ocean provides protein for more than 3 billion people.
(SDG14, UN, 2016)
A Healthy Ocean

All of the plastics made in the last century are still with us today. Every year, millions of tonnes of plastics make their way from the land into the ocean, where they pose a threat to marine life and enter the human food chain. Plastic pollution of the oceans is one of the great environmental challenges of our time.

8 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean each year.
(UNEP2017, Trash Free Seas Alliance and Ocean Conservancy: The New Wave, 2017)
Ocean Literacy

Our health and well-being depends on the health of our seas and oceans. To ensure a healthy ocean for us now and for future generations, we all need to be better informed about how the ocean affects us and how what we do affects the oceans.

"The ocean, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”
Jacques Yves Cousteau, oceanographer and photographer